Antonyms in English – collection of antonyms part 14

//Antonyms in English – collection of antonyms part 14

Antonyms in English – collection of antonyms part 14

What are antonyms is English?

Antonyms are verbs of adjectives allowing us to express the opposites in any language.

Here are the top three reasons why it is useful to know your antonyms in English:

You communicate better

Yes, knowing more vocabulary helps you to communicate more easily. With better vocabulary your conversations are improved and you feel more confident. A win-win 🙂

Your written English gets better

Yes, your emails, reports, and everything you write is improved when you know your antonyms.

You understand more

Yes, your global comprehension is improved. You understand the series you watch on Netflix, the movies your friends insist on watching together, songs in English and every conversation you may hear, all that just because you know the antonyms.

Learn some more today!

In this article you’ll learn three pairs of antonyms: sweet & sour, here & there, thick & thin.

English antonyms thick & thin
English antonyms here & there
English antonyms sweet & sour
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