How To choose a photo for your CV?

//How To choose a photo for your CV?

How To choose a photo for your CV?

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Have you seen the Dolly Parton Challenge? The internet is full of examples of this excellent idea picturing one person is four different contexts: facebook, linkedin, instagram and tinder. Celebrities, politicians and regular people all joined #dollypartonchallenge and probably you have as well.

So, let’s begin with a question: Do I need a photo on my CV? Is it necessary to have a photo on my CV? Yes and yes. You may argue that in some cases an anonymous CV would be a better option, but in this article we will focus on typical recruitment.

Even if you decide not to include a photo in your CV, your photos can still be found all over the internet, starting with Linkedin, the world’s biggest recruitment platform today. This is why you should not only have a photo on your CV, but make sure you check the 3 aspects of a good CV photo: quality, pose, up-to-date

3 aspects of a good CV photo:





Your CV photo should be of good quality. Good news is that it has never been easier. Today you don’t even have to see a professional photographer to get a great photo. Insead just use your mobile phone. 

Modern devices come with top quality photo camera. Use a tripod or ask a friend, choose a neutral background and snap! 

Professional pose & smile


The main point here is to make sure you have a CV specific photo, taken for this occasion. This means do not crop your holiday photos. No recruiter wants to see a hand or a headr of a friend of yours on your CV photo. 

If you don’t know how to pose for a professionally looking photo just watch some tutorials online and try. 


Should you smile? It is entirely up to you. Do you feel comfortable smiling in a photo? What job are you applying for? Ask yourself those questions and you’ll find your answer in no time.


This is a very important aspect. Your CV photo must be up-to-date. You may look fantastic in a photo you took 5 years ago, but, let’s be honest, you have changed. Keep your favourite photo in a frame at home and make sure you get a new one for your CV.

To put it in a nutshell, getting a good quality CV photo is very important and also fast and easy. If you really think you can’t do it alone, ask a friend or book a professional.

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